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As Americans, we love our vehicles so much that we are oftentimes willing to go to extreme lengths in order to retain control over every aspect of our ownership of them. That includes doing simple things like patronizing a particular gas station because of their quality car wash, or only using a specific brand of wax, but this kind of behavior can devolve into scenarios where a vehicle owner quickly falls out of their comfort zone and into that grey area of “I am in way over my head and can no longer dig myself out.” Such is often the case with painting an automobile.

In today’s blog, the auto body and paint experts at Desert Auto Body of North Las Vegas will be going over the reasons why you should avoid painting your vehicle yourself and take it in to a professional for the best results possible. Check it out!


Painting almost anything requires a light touch and an eye for detail, as anyone who’s ever tried to paint a simple wall for the first time can tell you. That counts doubly so for painting a car, and professional automobile painters are expected to have years of experience under their belt before they can be considered even competent at their job.

Even with something as simple as a slight touch-up, most car owners don’t have the steady hand it takes to do the project right. Before you start stocking up on paint for a whole-body paint job on your own car or truck, consider your background and whether you’ll be able to finish the job once you start it. If you live in the Las Vegas area, your best bet is to take your vehicle into Desert Auto body and let their experts do it instead; it will cost you more money than doing it yourself, but the results will be well worth it.


If you’re like most people, chances are pretty good that you don’t have the right kind of equipment needed to paint a vehicle properly just sitting around in your garage. In order to do a automobile paint job correctly, you need access to:

  • Customized paint guns
  • Proper ventilation
  • A paint mixer
  • Sanders
  • Tape and paper
  • A compressor
  • Hand tools and materials

You’re better off trusting in the work of a car paint specialist like the ones at Desert Auto Body. Not only do they have all the equipment they need, they have decades of combined experience in painting every kind of vehicle, from expensive sports cars to family wagons.

Color Matching

Professional painters have access to computer software that allows them to perfectly match the paint they are working with to whatever automobile they are working on. Too often, a car owner doing their own paint job will run into a situation where the color of the paint they purchased does not match the color of the paint on their car; at the very least, this requires a return to the retailer that sold them the paint for a re-mix, and at worse it can mean the owner ends up taking their vehicle into a pro paint shop in order to fix the color mismatch.

Don’t end up learning the hard way and losing money in the process — skip those unnecessary steps and let your local paint-and-body shop do all the work for you!

For The Best Paint Job In Las Vegas, Take Your Vehicle To Desert Auto Body

If your car or truck is in need of a new paint job, contact the auto paint restoration experts at Desert Auto Body, Las Vegas’ premier automotive specialists. Not only can they paint your car to your exact specifications, but they also offer top-class auto customization, custom body renovation, and collision repair that will leave your automobile looking better than ever. Give them a call today!