Stay Safe On The Road With Bumper Repair And Replacement

No matter the level of damage to your vehicle’s bumper, our expert auto body technicians at Desert Auto Body can ensure that there will be no trace of it once you get your car back from us! Whether you need a paint touch-up, dent repair, or full bumper replacement, we can handle it all. To express how much we appreciate that you have placed your trust in us, we will return your vehicle in pristine condition — washed, detailed, and meticulously prepped for pickup.

Bumper Repair vs. Bumper Replacement

The type and extent of damage will determine whether your vehicle’s bumper should be repaired or replaced. For minor scratches and dents, a repair can typically suffice. Structural damage, however, will require a complete bumper replacement in order to ensure your vehicle can most effectively protect you and other occupants. Severe paint damage, major dents, and deep or excessive scratches may also warrant a total bumper replacement, as the cost and effort required to repair an existing bumper in this state quite often exceeds that of a replacement. No matter the damage to your bumper, our auto body repair technicians can decide whether a repair or replacement will serve you best, both financially and in regards to the safety of your vehicle.

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